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Doris Gassmann Jewelry & Design

Ortenberg, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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I make jewelry! In all the years I have tried many facets of creativity. Goldsmiths, dealing with precious metal, I was the most important and certainly most passionate way, who accompanies me to this day and fascinated. My jewelry was allowed to change again and again over the years - more important than a continuous recognition me was always to explore new Apekte of making and conceiving. Try new techniques and perfecting this is an essential aspect, which then leads to new forms of expression and shows the specific signature of the maker. At the beginning of the next classic goldsmiths was chasing me of great importance. Parallel I experimented a lot with Feingold and the welding with silver. Later I worked intensively with the touch of precious stones. Eventually, I discovered the etching of metal for me that determines my work to date and allowed the implementation of ornaments in all their diversity. After long years chasing found in the new collection "ARGO", the Celtic designs as its theme, its revival and inspires me anew.

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