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Oro Incenso E Mirra Srl

Milan, Italy |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Retailer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Historical shop of antique and design jewellery, objects, furnitures and textiles. Giovanna Frossi opened it in 1995 after a thirty-year experience at Il Discanto, which was the point of reference in Milan for lovers of antique and ethnic jewellery. Since 1968, on the occasions of trips to Marocco, India, China, Thailand and South America, Giovanna Frossi, has acquired a collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, ornaments. Collection enriching over time through the exploration of new countries and new shapes of beauty. It is such that represents a strong element of attraction at the shop in via San Fermo, for the sophisticated clients who are sensitive to the significance of an ornament presented by the competent experts and with a documentation which scientifically certifies its authenticity and integrity. Thanks to continuous collaboration with important museums like the Barbier Muller in Geneva, and repeated trips all over the world, Giovanna Frossi is always on the way to new discoveries. Suggestions put forward has been concerning more and more different fields: from the jewellery of the 19th century – the very sophisticated selection of Victorian pieces and popular pieces such as coral jewellery, ornaments in tortoiseshell, small mosaics from the Mediterranean area – to dresses – especially kimono – and accessories of oriental provenance. The collaboration with some designers, for example Romeo Gigli, who are sensitive to the fascination of remote countries and different beauty concepts is of significance.

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