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Sun Flower Art Jewellery

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The inspirations for Sunflower Art Jewellery have never been limited to a particular time and place. Whether it is the ancient history of the Orient, the masks of the Venice Carnival, a piece of shining silver silk fluttering on a stage, light reflecting on a modern architectural facade, or even tiny drops of dew glittering on the boughs of a plum tree in the light of an early dawn; any and all could be used as sources of inspiration for our jewelry creations. The founder Chen Chan seeks to endow every piece of exclusive jewellery he creates with a unique and eternal soul. The influences of Eastern culture are reflected, interpreted and expressed through the ages in the works of artists. Generations may pass but the emotions of the artists linger on in their work. We seek to bring out the inner story of each stone and design thereby giving life to the seemingly lifeless and a story to the voiceless. All of Sunflower Art's works are immortal because their creation endows them a personality, a legend – an existence.

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