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Salamander Jewelry Co Ltd

, Thailand |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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History For us, the challenge was never so much to compete with other companies but to compete with ourselves. Everything we’ve done in the last 16 years was to improve our production processes, quality level as well as range of products and in general, our level of service. From that perspective, finding customers was actually secondary to bettering ourselves. The goal was always to create a company that would be viable in the long run even after the original owners would pull out. Of course, the company has always profitable and new customers keep coming. That allows us to continue this process of improvement. In 2009, we achieved ISO 9001 certification. We worked very hard over 18 months to achieve this certification. In short, it states that all our business processes have been standardized from the way we receive your orders to the way we produce them, check them and ship them. This certification is very typical of the way we do things. Originally, we wanted to standardize the quality of our products and manufacturing processes. We called in some consultants and explained what we wanted. They said, Oh, you want to do ISO 9001. We just wanted to get better and ended up with an ISO certification. In 2012, we achieved ISO 14001 which is certification of our environmental management systems and policies. In 2012, we also received our certification for OHSAS 18001 which is an international occupational health and safety management system. As we improve, customers who work with us also improve. Many clients follow our lead and change the way they pack, label or ship orders for their own customers. They also use data from our database, our catalogs and pictures. Even our website products database is being widely used on the internet. For the future, our mission remains the same, to be the best and to keep improving. We hope you will join us on that road.

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