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A bola is an ethnic piece of jewellery, a type of pendant, from Latin America. The French company Saily have become specialists in this product. Bolas accompany women through the important moments of their lives. This small artisanal wonder produces a delicate tinkling sound with tiny calm-inducing vibrations, gently comforting the senses. It appeals to women in search of well-being and harmony. Bolas are full of rich meaning and symbolism : throughout the world legend has it that its gentle song brings protection by angels to whoever wears one. Saily bolas are the fruit of a collaboration between south-american artisans, who have inherited this ancestral skill, and the founder of the business who enhances these articles of exceptional worth with delicate necklaces made by hand in her French workshop. The result are timeless pieces of jewellery of exclusive design, created for your personal happiness. A pendant that brings you calm through its music.

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