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Megabijoux Incorporated

Mandaue City, Philippines |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter

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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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MEGABIJOUX– A STATEMENT FASHION JEWELRY…In every tale lies a beautiful story, and for telling of one is like reminiscing the making of true labor and the value of perfection to our timeless pieces. Mega Bijoux started 9 years ago, inspired by the JEWELRY – BIJOUX french word for a highly prized delicate workmanship. In the passing of time, we still remain true to the essence of our name. Our product is a testament to pure love translated into the hands of crafted artisans until it became a unique heirloom of today’s modern social-cultural monarchs. An elegant gift to femininity. We are influenced mainly by every art movements from Bauhaus, German jugendstil until to modern day Gra fitters, and we owe our shapes to every organic form found in nature. Blending this two, we produce what we call universal statements. It is made of materials found naturally to our origin, crafted meticulously into something special with regard always to its natural beauty. Mix it with restored and fine metal accent to create a piece that will resist the passage of time, popularly known as a classic. Until today our designs are still fast becoming trendsetter to the limelight knowing that the least we can do is to make someone special. When one wears our pieces, one will have a feeling that it is made especially for her. And from here, we are continuously spinning rhymes about beauty and glamor until such time our tale will become a legacy to fashion.

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