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About Art Wear Dimitriadis Art Wear Dimitriadis is a greek brand based in Athens that specializes in handmade jewellery. The company was founded in 1983 by Ms Eleni Dimitriadi and her husband, Mr Thanasis Dimitriadis. Two artistic personalities who combined the world of painting and film direction into jewellery and accessories' creation. Gradually, the company focused on the world of jewellery where its creations received distinctions worldwide. In 1999, the couple's creation gained the 1st place at the Eclat de Mode exhibition held in Paris. Up to this very moment, the brand's creations remain an example of jewellery craftmanship and are being presented in worldwide exhibitions through the Swarovski brand. The production unit is based in Athens and consists of a highly specialized personnel while the brand Art Wear Dimitriadis has become a synonyme to high quality and avand-garde style. The designer, Ms Eleni Dimitriadi resumes her success secret to only a phrase: " Fashion derives from art". Swarovski crystal, stones, pearls, beads, leather and feathers are only a small part of the materials used in the process of converting inspiration to a piece of jewellery. The clientele's list include partnerships with department stores like Printemps in Paris, Anthropologie in New York and other important department stores in Japan, Poland etc. The firm's designer is Ms. Eleni Dimitriadi and was born in Athens where after completing her main Educational Studies, she worked at the workshop of a well-known greek painter. During this period, she had the opportunity to get familiar with the basic knowledge of painting and drawing techniques. While gradually, started experimenting on every antique and retro material she happened to come across, trying to transform it into a surreal work of art. Finally, her main interest focused on jewellery and devoted herself to the creation of a unique and avant-garde style easily recognizable in the Greek market. Her restless spirit and passion for creating dynamic pieces of jewellery led her to design jewellery for many theatrical plays and movies such as “Brides” directed by Pantelis Voulgaris with the participation of Martin Scorsese. Her greatest source of inspiration has always been art. She confesses her admiration for the Baroque and the Renaissance era. But, on the hand modern artists and their futuristic approach of reality fascinate and intrigue her imagination. Her creations depict this combination through the perplexity of design and the color combinations.

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