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Bapna International Company Limited

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Silver Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Bapna International Co., Ltd, is the biggest Manufacturer of Thailand and we are Manufacturing all kind of Silver Jewelry. All of the trading options available on are accessible to the general public. This is a very deliberate stance and has been in effect since Bapna International Co., Ltd. began trading online. This policy is not aimed at putting anyone out of business or reducing the profitability of existing resellers but was made in consideration of some key characteristics of our industry. The fact that amateur collectors, traders and consumers can now go online and buy unbeatably priced quality silver jewellery can only benefit the growth and reputation of the jewellery industry as a whole. We guarantee every piece of silver jewellery we sell meets or exceeds industry standards for sterling silver purity. Silver Source's quality control standards require that all manufacturers' products routinely submit to assay-testing for solid, consistent 925 sterling silver purity. We offer a variety of guaranteed 925 sterling purity for our wholesale jewellery resellers. Silver Jewelry is Timeless While fashion trends come and go, silver jewellery remains a classic addition to any wardrobe. Simply said, silver jewellery never goes out of style. This is why wholesale silver jewellery is such a tremendous business opportunity. It's durable. Silver jewellery stands the test of time. It's valuable. Surprisingly affordable, silver is still genuine precious metal. It's fashionable. Silver jewellery styles range from sophisticated to trendy. It's flexible. Silver jewellery has an uncanny ability to adapt with fashion. Silver Source Wholesale Jewellery - We sell the best for the least.

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