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Modern Tibet Incorporation

New York, United States |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Silver Jewelry, Gemstones

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Modern Tibet is here to offer you the best style Handmade Silver Jewelry and Handicrafts. We have all kinds of Jewelry Style like Traditional, Ethnic and Modern. All our merchandise is completely handmade by the local craftsmen. Our goal is to offer you the best handmade Tibetan Jewelry products that are made by the local men and women back home. Just keep in mind that all our jewelry is handmade thats why occasional irregularity will always be present. Each and every piece is distinct as you are. We personally pick all the pieces one by one and make sure that the quality is at its best when its made. Tibetan Jewelry has a certain ethnic flair with its natural stones and silver. Tibetan jewelery has its own unique old classic style. Yet, it fits in very well with any modern style. Whatever style you choose Tibetan jewelry is truly unique and fun to wear. Our products have modern touch yet keeping in mind with the traditional style. We do make traditional style too with Tibetan Prayers and mantra on different items. All the different stones which we use like Turquoise, Amber, Carnelian, Amethyst, Moonstone, Agate, etc. in our Pendents, Ring and Necklace with our silver jewelry are natural and good quality stones. We also carry unique and rare Tibetan Jewelry and ritual artifacts. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do.

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