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DOG FEVER Dog Fever is an exclusive line of sterling silver jewelry that represents man’s best friend. A collection which symbolizes a unique bond and makes the relationship between you and your dog even more special. A brand that is completely made in Italy. TEAM A group of friends with three intense interests: fashion, design made in Italy and their faithful four legged canine companions. From these combined passions, Dog Fever was born! An Italian brand that combines elegance, quality and love in a precious and unique collection of jewelry. One-of- a-kind like the bond between a dog and their owner. An exclusive collection created by a young group of friends from Milan, already experienced in the jewelry and fashion sectors, who decided to join forces and embark on a new adventure, bringing to life to an original and special project. MISSION The team aspires to transform the affection and commitment we feel for our pets into tangible symbols. Just like friendships have many sides, these symbols represent a special bond in its many different forms. The most common, is in the shape of a ring. Worn with pride, in exchange this object resonates a sense of comfort and belonging. It shows a commitment to a partner and a friend we love and remember every single day. This intuition led to the creation of entire line of jewelry made in Italy to give shape to these emotions. The Dog Fever team with their first line, the Hug collection, has transformed a simple hug into a piece of jewelry that can be worn on your fingers. Each piece embodies artisan skill, research and affection recreating a hug that counts so much more than words. Dog Fever jewelry represents the friend we never want to be separated from, allowing their colors to become part of the patchwork of our every day lives. Each piece of jewelry represents a symbol of eternal friendship. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and key chains are the pieces that make up the Dog Fever collection. Dog Fever is a declaration of love. The collection pays homage to the most well known breeds from all over the world, it highlights their characteristics and their natural vitality. A carefully researched brand that uses silver to transform a feeling into a physical object that resonates with emotion. A collection of jewelry that can be enjoyed by dog lovers and others alike! ARTISANAL SKILLS AND PERSONALIZATION Artisan skills, colors, innovative design and the combination of different fine metals and precious stones make Dog Fever pieces unique and unforgettable. You’ll recognize your dog right away! Our designers are dedicated to carefully recreating the most loved and famous breeds from all over the world. Every piece of jewelry is completely designed, created and hand painted by our goldsmiths, enamellists and miniaturists in Italy, who apply their passion and experience to the collection which is completely Made in Italy. The enamel detailing on Dog Fever jewelry is inspired be the classic colors of the breed it represents. Simply send us a photo of your pet and the experts at Dog Fever can create a piece of jewelry in their likeness. For those who love to personalize every aspect of their lives, name engraving is also available. Designed for those who like to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

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