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Mainly Silver Design Co Ltd

Songkhla, Thailand |
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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Mainly Silver Design Ltd is an integrated jewellery company serving major jewellery retailers and wholesalers around the world. From its location near Bangkok, Thailand, Mainly Silver Design provides its target customers and effortless to merchandise their products for day-to-day sales.Catalogues, special promotions, new collection and more. Mainly Silver Design’s experienced international management team guides the company, using the most effective tactics to implement the company‘s strategic plan Our manufacturing facilities and highly trained personnel allow Mainly Silver Design to control cost and stay ahead of the competition. Mainly Silver Design constantly provides customers with exceptional quality in its designs and services. The total product, from sourcing to packaging. Combined with a competitive price is our key to continued growth, just like the growth Mainly Silver Design has experienced since its inception in the early 1990s. Our mission statement serves our guide and roadmap so that we can maintain the culture and values we developed over the years. Mr.ShaharShoshani, while travelling inJapan, identified an opportunity in the Japanese jewellery. 1990s, market. Mr Shahar Shoshani decided to import silver jewellery from Thailand, to trade in the rapidly growing Japanese market. The business was growing and Mr Shahar Shoshani realised that to gain more control over the product, he needed to be closer to the source. 1993 Mr Shahar Shoshani left Japan To Thailand. Mainly Silver Ltd was established with the home office in the heart of the Thai jewellery industry, Bangkok. This decision increased control over the product and deliveries and company growth continued. 2001 Mr Yuval Shoshani joined the company. Operations were moved to a new building that Included small scale production facilities. Mainly Silver was transformed from a trading company to a lull-cycle design and jewellery manufacturing company and established as Mainly Silver Design Ltd. 2004 A second building was acquired for production as demand exceeded the ability to supply. More capacity was required. Administration and marketing stayed in the original location. 2005 To increase capacity, Mainly Silver Design acquired the business and assets of Mastercast Ltd and Precious Creations Ltd. Growth continued at 20 percent annually. 2006 Management started to look for a solution for problems arising from operating a company spread into three locations. 2007 Despite the global economic downturn, a plot of land near Bangkok was acquired. To support the growth of the company, a modern. purpose built manufacturing plant was designed to replace the existing three locations. 2008 Mainly Silver Design gained approval by the Board of Investment (BOI). to build a new manufacturing plant. 2009 Construction of the factory is completed. The factory is equipped with the latest EU jewellery production machinery. 2010 Mainly Silver Design Increases its capabilities and continues to grow. With sound business practices, a dedicated management team. Supported by a committed work team and a strong financial structure. Mainly Silver Design is poised to become a leading jewellery company in the global market.

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