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Silver Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

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1. Describe briefly Company Profile and History of Establishment: Starting from 1987 Starting with a small business of 3 siblings us. In only accept orders only, the 90’s there was the Gulf War starting order stalled and we tried to open a shop in Ubud area, then in 1994 we registered trading business we all institutions related to business licenses of Commerce, and until now has stood patra’s collection 2. Tell me about the management of the supply chain of raw materials (supply chain management) In the process of making silver jewelry we need two basic components of silver raw material (in the form of granules) and other raw materials such as precious stones (other accents) As a small company rather difficult to penetrate the center of the source of raw materials such as PT Antam, we always buy in the shops nearby, there is sometimes a traditional miners sell raw silver comes in relatively limited amounts, generally we buy in the shops partially nearest 3. How entrepreneurship development / entrepreneurship? (Innovation, risk management and investment) Each of the nation in general always want stability and order but in a tight spot as I was because of necessity to always survive, have to take a decision without prejudice to be a risk The first step is a brave start and try meminimalise risks with self-development, both managerial skills and capabilities, and others related to the field that was involved. Of course, investing in knowledge or infrastructure needs to be upgraded in tune with the capabilities and strengths of the company. 4. success stories and your business activities during this Business world has always had ups and downs due to external factors (regulatory, political and macro-economic situation, etc.) and internal factors (inadequate availability of human resources). So far, our company can survive without doing enough shrinkage particularly in the critical peaks in 1990 (Silver Bay), in 1998 (financial crisis) and tahiun 2002 Bali bombing and II 5. Countries that currently the exspor purpose and composition as well as review how to enter the market? State is still a goal Exspor U.S. : 50% Germany : 30% Japan : 10% Australia : 10% Entering way through Cast-country exhibition directly followed by the correspondent 6. Describe your product advantages compared to competitors overseas Our product excellence with other countries are: 1. Always creating new models 2. Giving local repertoire touches 3. The quality standard is always maintained 4. Guarantee for damages with some conditions 7. How does your company efforts when doing international marketing? (Product, promotion, distribution and price) In doing marketing International, we have to build a holistic image like: In the field of product: Must be trendy / trend, comfortable and not easily damaged with international quality standards (sterling silver) In the field Price: Must be decent (resinable) and adapted to the situation of macro and market segments In the area of ?distribution: Timely Subscribed were disappointed that there are mainly special events with a particular style In the field of Promotion: Participate in exhibitions both abroad and within the country, and not less important to maintain the promotion of mouth 8.Whether you are a dealer / reseller? No, Patra Collection is a jewelry factory: we design and produce any style of its own. this blog as an opener from us and we will have a website in the making, we also have a showroom so if you visit Bali you can always visit us too. 9.Why does silver sometimes become black? Silver reacts with ozone (the rays from the sun) and hydrogen sulfides (found in the air of industrial cities). That reaction can form a black layer of silver sulfide. 10.How can I clean my silver? You can best use a soft polishing cloth to clean your silver items. If necessary, you can also use a polishing solution. When you won’t use your silver jewelry for a longer period of time, it is best to keep them inside a closed plastic bag. 11. Why is silver very popular? Although silver is a precious metal, it is still very affordable, making it the most popular type of jewelry!

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