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Dahlinger Ch. GmbH & Co KG

Lahr, Germany |
Nature Of Business :

Packaging & Display

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Jewelry Storage, Jewelry Packaging

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Ch. Dahlinger has been known for the highest quality and innovative products from cardboard, plastics, wood. Freelance and employed designers, together with technical product development, develop customer-specific packaging and displays for brands, manufacturers and chain stores, as well as the collection for specialist retailers. Currently, Ch. Dahlinger counts around 6, 500 active customers. The sales structure includes a comprehensive network of agents and agents from more than 60 independent trade representatives, which spans most countries. Whether an overall concept or individual product design, technical development, sampling, production and worldwide fine-graining - Ch. Dahlinger scales his services according to customer requirements. The production facilities of Ch. Dahlinger are predominantly. In conjunction with the technical support and project management on site, we ensure a permanent quality control and quality control so that the deliveries reach our customers in the desired quality in a timely manner.

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