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Thai Goldsmiths Association

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Trade Association & Council

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Potential Development and Promotion of Education in collaboration with educational institutions, professional jewellery sector and relevant agencies to raise the living standards of the profession of Thailand's gem and jewellery field. Research on the ancient art Goldsmith. Promote the development of crafts Preservation, conservation, exchange and dissemination of technical knowledge. Promote and develop professional standards branch jewellery. To enlist Assessment and certification of competencies in the professional staffing objectives. Promote quality products manufactured or sold. The enterprises that belong to the standard. As well as research and innovation, manufacturing jewellery and achieve sustainable development. Encourage and assist members Edit various obstacles Including negotiation with third parties. For mutual benefit In the practice of the objectives. Monitor and track the movement of industrial production and trade both within and outside the country. To benefit the trading system with respect to other enterprises. Partnerships with government agencies and the private sector in promoting trade, industry, finance, or any other business in the economy. Within the objectives Agreement or regulate its member's practice. In order to practice in the objectives. Was conducted in a way that it should be based on good governance. No objective of establishing a billiard table. or snooker Not associated with any political action.

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