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Thai Silver Exporters Association

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Thai Silver Exporters Association, formally known as Thai Silver Exporter Club, is the National Trade Association who works to represent and protect interest of Thai Silver Jewelry Industry. Our goal is to promote Thai Silver Jewelry as a “preferred brand” among the customer in an international marketplace. In order to achieved our goal, we are focusing our work in four fundamental areas which are Education, Communication, Member Benefit, and Government & Industry Relation. Our Association’s Committees whose responsible for each area of work are very dedicated and goal oriented are working hard to improve our industry as a whole. The statistic from Thai Customs Department shown that Silver Jewelry export from Thailand has been achieving a steady growth for the past five years. According to The Silver Institute’s 2010 World Silver Survey, Thailand ranked as the biggest silver jewellery exporter in 2009. This means that our role in the international jewellery industry has become an increasingly significant. Our Thai Silver Exporter Association Website is served to connect our members to any matter of interest and up-to-date information. On the consumer side, we served as a reliable source of the manufacturers of silver jewellery in Thailand. Through our “one-stop-shop” website, our customer will be browsing through the profile of only the top silver jewellery manufacturers in Thailand. Thank you very much for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in our Thai Silver Exporter Association. Our Board of Directors and staffs are attentive to your needs. With any enquires, please contact us.

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