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Antwerp Diamond Partners BVBA

Antwerp, Belgium |
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Diamond Jewelry, Diamonds

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Antwerp Diamond Partners BVBA is one of the newest players on the Antwerp diamond market, offering its international customers a full range of diamond services: - large stock of GIA and HRD certified stones from 30pt up to large stones at competitive prices, as well as uncertified parcels - reliable and consistent international buying service. We will find the right goods for you at the best prices so that you can concnetrate on your selling activities. - brokerage service on the Antwerp market where you can buy through our office the goods from the whole market and compare prices and qualities. - the exclusive range of natural fancy coloured diamonds from Diamwill BVBA - consulting and investment service where we can buy and sell polished diamonds for companies or individuals who want to invest in polished diamonds with our expertise and reasonable commissions, investors can realised real profits on diamond investments.

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