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Tekbir Silver

Istanbul, Turkey |
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Silver Jewelry

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Our company, Tekbir Silver Jewellery, has been in wholesale silver jewellery business since 1985. We started to sell silver jewellery as opening our first wholesale showroom in 1993 in Istanbul. In 1995 we established our factory to make wide range of silver jewellery production. In 1998 we opened our second wholesale showroom in the same area in Istanbul. After this period, due to the decreasing economic conditions of Turkey, we changed our company policy into other countries and so, we became offices in different countries. In 2004 we opened our third wholesale showroom that is used the main showroom of our company now. We reach ninty percent of Turkey every mounth. We have four teams visiting more than one thousand sale points. Our customers enjoy choosing their products without leaving their shops thanks to our talentful sales consultants. So we provide our customer too much unnecessary stock. Today, designs of Tekbir Silver are desired by many people all over the world. We export our products more than fourty-five countries especiallay European and Middle Asia Countries, and Russia. Also we have offices some of these countries as a result of this many people can reach our products easily. Our collection is chosed by our R&D departmant following jewellery trends of all over the world closely. These collections are manufactured by our factory as well as other factories having high quality standarts in Turkey or outside of Turkey.

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