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P & J Co Ltd

Shibuya, Japan |
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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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P & J is a jewelry manufacturer specializing in pearls which collectively deals from pearl culture to design and sales. Our own pearl farm, which celebrated its 50th anniversary, is located in the rich natural environment of Mie Prefecture and produces many beautiful pearls every year. Also, at Shibuya headquarters, designers who love jewelry sincerely will create new designs every day. And, skilled craftsmen are making our products with our hearts in mind. The pearls that grew up in the shellfish over the years are the only jewelry that life creates. Our strength is to be able to offer pearl jewelry with lovely design with quality unique to manufacturers and low price. Also, from autumn 2011, we also started handling diamond jewelery at the Asamino shop. We offer lovely diamond jewelry at low price by direct deal with domestic and foreign established diamond jewelry makers. As a specialty shop of pearls and diamonds that make women shine, I would like to thank P & J Azamino store which I was born this autumn.

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