Induction melting furnace mu-400

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Flexible melting furnaces designed to melt gold and silver alloys and as well as aluminum, bronze, brass a.s.o. Due to the strong induction generator (15 kW) and the low induction frequency the stirring effect of the metal is excellent. The V or VV versions include one or two additional extra large capacity vacuum chambers. The short distance between melting and pouring leads to high quality cast even with filigree parts.

INDUTHERM MODEL                                                                              MU 400

POWER MAX / ELECTRICAL CONNECTION                                        15 KW 3X400V

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE                                                                   1500 DEGREE C

METAL CAPACITY (REAL CAPACITY)                                                   78-1400/ MU-400: 6 KG AU 18 K

TEMPERATURE CONTROL                                                                    STANDARD

TEMPERATURE PROGRAM                                                                   16 STANDARD

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