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MODE360° Photo Composer is a automatic lightbox for taking professional pictures called packshots with maximum product size 15x15x15 cm. It is equipped with a built-in shadowless turntable necessary to compose 360 degree animations. Lighting is provided by a high quality LED system with optimal color temperature of light 6500K. The concept of the device is based on the integration of the camera with the revolving platform and the lighting system of the shadowless chamber by means of the MODEPix software on your personal computer.The device can create up to 360 images in one full turn of 360°. It’s also possible to put the adjustable arm at a desired angle, for e.g. 90°.The 3D arched camera arm (manual) helps in the creation of 3D spherical animations as it moves horizontally and vertically.Main Features Photo Composer is suitable for jewellery and other luxury goods photography. Professional LED lighting helps in automatic background removal and high efficiency of work. Centreless turntable and adjustable camera arm allow creating innovative 360° and 3D presentations.
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