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Shenzhen Furong Packing Co. Limited

Shenzhen, China |
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Packaging & Display

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Jewelry Packaging, Jewelry Display

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Welcome to Furong Packing Co., Ltd . For over 20 years, our factory have offered our client innovative fine-packaging solutions. We believe that the essence of good customer service is forming relationship with our customers and understanding their business needs to better offer the best product solution. At Furong Packing Co., Ltd, we stand for facilitation: one phone or Email for all order placement and client support. We recognize that we can only achieve these goals through our team’s hard work our designers ability to continuously develop new product line and by maintaining consistency in our production. For client with large -volume production requirements, Our factory in China, over 500 workers and automatic machine, This opportunity makes our product offering very competitive and delivery to many countries. Our catalog speaks for itself: it’s an extensive inventory of fine packaging and accessories dedicated to the jewelry , gift and confectionery industries, retailers, gift stores, promotional distributors, fashion stores and much more.

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