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Jewelloni Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Jewelloni was started by Shali Zevuloni in 1983, in the midst of Bangkok’s booming gem trade. While working as a dealer of colored gemstones, he saw an opportunity to merge western and eastern ideals. Shali began cultivating quality local workmanship and transforming precious gemstones into stunning fine jewelry. Nearly three decades later, Shali was joined at Jewelloni by his two sons, Nir and Gil, who share their father’s passion for creative design and precision manufacturing. At its heart a family business, Jewelloni’s success is without doubt the result of Shali’s many years of industry experience and a reputation that has grown over time. Jewelloni is today an established and respected member of Thailand’s competitive high-end jewelry manufacturing world. One of Thailand’s leading high-end jewelry manufacturers, Jewelloni combines the brilliant hues of colored gemstones with renowned Thai artistry, creating jewelry that exemplifies both European finesse and quality craftsmanship. Led by Shali Zevuloni, a gem dealer and jewelry maker with over 35 years of experience in the colored gemstones, Jewelloni take pride in their meticulous selection of gemstones.

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