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Denron INternational Ltd

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Denron's Offshore Investing Group (Thailand) works diligently to identify, analyse, plan, promote and manage Thailand offshore investments in business and real estate developments in Pattaya, Thailand and the surrounding eastern seaboard region. Strategy and business plans developed by Denron are then used to bring like-minded investment partners together to fund real estate developments and business ventures that are managed by Denron Offshore Investing Group in Thailand. The Denron Offshore Investing Group understands the value of having satisfied investment partners that have a strong desire to stay invested and reinvest with Denron, this is the key to the company's long-term growth and continued success. At Denron the company's clear strategy, policy and valued motto is "PLAN FOR SUCCESS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN". Typical offshore investments with Denron in Thailand are for three to five years with a pre-planned exit strategy in place. Long term offshore investments in Thailand in many business sectors and real estate projects are possible and could also include shareholding and/or management responsibility if desired.

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