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Studex Europa GmbH

Eckental, Germany |
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Manufacturer, Tools & Machinery

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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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Studex® is the global brand for ear piercing systems. As the world's leading manufacturer of precision instruments, ear plugs and ear care products, we offer high-quality, easy-to-use products to our partners - jewelers, jewelry chains, cosmetic studios, perfumeries, pharmacies and other specialty stores. Studex ® Select is a collection of earrings best sellers, which can be used as a piercing post for ear piercing or as conventional earrings. All ear plugs are offered sterile packed in pairs. The professional-grade packaging is ideal for selling individual earring pairs in your store. To use Studex Select as the first plug, use the Studex PLUS instrument. The earrings line Studex ® Select is ideal for shops that want to offer to an ear piercing in the traditional way and the other anti-allergic, skin-friendly earrings at a relatively cheap price. Since our earplugs and earrings are so well tolerated, they are not only worn as a first connector by many customers, but also subsequently. Your customers can wear our first connectors for any length of time. Frequently, customers also consciously change from other earrings to anti-allergic earrings from Studex.

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