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Ole Bergmann Edelsteine

Berlin, Germany |
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Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry

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My work is unmistakably based on the fundamental principles of the bauhaus. Out of the classic jewel jewelery, I play with shape, color and size of the material. I convert classic jeweler techniques into a strongly reduced language. In particular, the precious stones, which are at the center of my work, as well as their vigorous design, are the main focus. Unnecessary confusions are omitted rigorously. My eye is on crystalline gemstones. Through the use of these, as well as of the technical design elements, even large-scale work achieves an optical, transparency-based, lightness. The preferred materials are aquamarine and tourmaline, in all its colors, which I bring in silver or gold to the geltung. The reduction of my language is made possible by high technical precision. Through the playful connection of ease, surface and austerity in my work, I enable an easy carry of mine Modern jewels.

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