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Lambert Industries Co. Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Manufacturer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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WELCOME TO LAMBERT For over 35 years, Lambert Industries has been striving to exceed our customers’ expectations with gorgeous, quality products; exceptional, creative design; and excellent English-speaking customer service. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Lambert provides gem-cutting services, sells ready-made jewellery and loose gemstones, and creates custom-made treasures. In 2011, due to popular demand, we proudly launched Lambert Gems online to sell jewellery and gemstones direct to consumers around the globe at wholesale Thailand pricing. Bangkok is the coloured gemstone capital of the world, and our access to the high-quality variety available in the surrounding region enables us to price our jewellery and gemstones at “local” prices. Here, at Lambert, our staff aims to provide the ultimate balance between form and function throughout our business dealings. We invite you to join our devoted following of jewellery and gemstone enthusiasts. Your delight is our pleasure. Lambert Industries has over 40 years of experience in cutting gemstones, and we pride ourselves in our stellar work and honest dealings. Over the years, our expert gem-cutting services have provided thousands of satisfied customers with beautifully cut gemstones. Our clients include large and small mine owners, amateur fossickers, and renowned jewellery designers. Lambert seeks to unearth the beauty of each stone, taking into account balance, colour, and size. Stones can be faceted in any number of shapes and styles, including cushion, emerald, marquis, novelette, oval, teardrop, or cabochon.

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