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Vilcan & Co HK Co Ltd

Hong Kong, Hong Kong |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Importer

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Diamonds, Diamonds

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Art is what drives Vulcan and Co: the art of cutting and polishing an exquisite, high-end Fancy Shape Diamond; the art of customer service; the art of discretion. These are our hallmarks, ever since our founder, Ze’ev Vulcan opened Vulcan’s doors in 1952. Our sparkling history and family tradition are rooted to Belgian ancestors who passed down their know-how to a generation settling in Israel – one of the world’s leading diamond centres. Attracted by the artistry required for creating a perfect Fancy Shape diamond, Ze’ev Vulcan made the fancy side of diamonds his passion. One of the first Israeli manufacturers to specialise in this field, he proved to be a master craftsman with a fine eye for detail. Quickly becoming a cut above the rest, Mr Vulcan opened several diamond polishing plants staffed by expert artisans, thereby beginning a 60-year legacy of working in fancy shape diamonds. His love for his profession has now been passed down to the third generation.

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