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Jani Silver

Gianyar, Indonesia |
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Craftsman, Manufacturer, Importer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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One of Bali's top production houses for hand-crafted silver designer jewellery of the highest quality, Jani Silver has created a unique niche combining traditional smithing of precious metals, modern production facilities and state-of-the-art communications technology. Jani Silver's skills as sub-contractor to high-end designers provide clients all the strengths of a reliable production partner. Full confidence that the manufacturing component is in reliable hands allows them to focus entirely on design and marketing. In 1990 Janet began representing a friend from the USA, who had a silver jewellery business, as her agent in Bali. In 1991 she agreed to build a factory to overcome erratic quality and unpredictable delivery dates. With no experience in manufacturing silver, Janet put her culinary training to good use, developing a “mise en place” system, similar to that employed in professional kitchens. She was determined to create a landmark company, that would produce the highest quality goods while treating its employees and the environment with respect. Janet plunged into the silver business with her usual zeal and the first factory opened in 1992. The demand for reliable silver production quickly bought new clients and soon outgrew the original facility. During the height of the Asian Economic crisis the current facility in Kemenuh was completed despite great difficulties. As the business grew, Janet continually renewed her commitment to her workforce. Extensive training programs allowed the promotion from within the company. Naturally, Jani Silver always has been an equal opportunity employer which does not employ underage workers. Technology is used to enhance, rather than replace, traditional craftsmanship.

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