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Jewelz Studio & Academy

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Education Institute

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Jewelry Designing

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Art Clay Silver Art Clay Silver is a magical clay material which you can easily shape with your hands and transforms into 99.9% pure silver after firing. Silversmithing Explore silversmithing and metalsmithing techniques and gain practical experience in making bezels, ring shank, stone settings, chasing, stamping and much more. Beaded Jewellery Sign up for our bead jewellery making classes. Our creative director and his panel of experienced instructors will guide students to "think-out-of-the-box", unleashing the designer in them! Lampworking Ever wanted to melt glass and make a glass bead? This course will give you the experience and confidence in making your very own designer beads. Lost-Wax Casting The lost-wax process is simple in concept. First, an object is modelled in wax. Wax rods or wires called sprues are attached to the model, and the entire object and sprues are encased in.

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