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Rottenburg, Germany |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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M must one times you go to Venice - and give their life a new twist! Venice - full of surprises like life itself - with its century-old tradition of the finest paper craft. .. No wonder that it is precisely there, the spark was kindled in Paper Pearl brought credit history rolling. Since I had already completed a very different kind of study, was thirty-five and was "on the side" held by two wild young daughters on their toes, which eventually should be three. D Amals I knew nothing of Paper Pearl (the name appeared by spontaneous Inspiration only years later) and was also no jewelry designer. However, the fascination for the art of paper-making did not leave me any trouble, while I feverishly experimented day by day in the silent little chamber. A b and brought me several rounder of the compartment when in workshops solid tools. All the rest I learned essentially on your own through trial and error. After all, over the years, I invented and developed a completely new material made of flax fibers, which - as light, aesthetic, malleable and waterproof as it was - inspired many people from the start.

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