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Schwab Gold - Und Platinschmiede

Winterbach, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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INSPIRING INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION. Every item of jewelry is always a reflection of our own personality too. That's why every one of our pieces is unique, produced with a combination of great passion and a clear feeling for new materials. In this way, we create unusual collections whose individuality underlines the uniqueness of the wearer and the many different aspects of their character. Let yourself be inspired by the sophisticated materials and unusual compositions, by the special care we take and our love of superb craftsmanship. And personally too, by Uwe Fiedler at Schwab, the gold and platinum smiths. THE MAGIC OF CREATIONS FROM A MASTER'S HAND. In the first place, innovative design ideas are formed in the mind. Perhaps that's why creativity is the actual focus for our gold and platinum smiths. But when it comes to turning these ideas into reality, true craftsmanship and skill are required. It starts with the selection of the materials and knowing how they will work together. But then experience, expertise and a knowledge of the craftsman's skills are what count in production. With absolute sensitivity and precision, Uwe Fiedler, along with three other master craftspeople, produces his extraordinary jewelry in his workshop. Made by hand – made in Germany.

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