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Louise Dagorne

Saint-Pavace, France |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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In its manufacture dreams, imagine Louise extravagant jewellery from trinkets mottled in flea markets. His creations each season to tell a little story directed through these treasures patiently accumulated. With humour and love, she creates unique pieces of an unclassifiable genre, recognisable at first glance. His creations are made in the workshop in France from old and vintage materials. The sleeves are made by seamstresses AFIC, rehabilitation workshop in Coulaines (72) I n her factory of dreams, Louise imagine extravagant jewellery from knick-knacks found in thrift stores and second hands shops. Her creations tell an intimate story Each season staged with thesis treasures quit she collects patiently. With humour and love, she Creates year unclassifiable piece unique and recognisable at first glance.

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