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Khailo Silver

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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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As the name in 1995. 'Why not' out with the understanding Istanbul -Turkey centre by Gramma jewellery, three generations created on strong family ties and leadership essential that occur, starting with the gem and jewellery industry and strong fashion to take from here modernity with the aim of reaching all components of the sector Our fashion-oriented brand. KHAILO is our home, our passion; It is our way of life. Today, technology has facilitated communication and your modernity has begun to attract. Now carrying the satisfaction of our customers in the jewellery industry we serve online system, we create our custom designs with this passion with hundreds, thousands, even millions of people to share ideas with my 'u are bringing with you. Khailo, the Khailo Silver jewellery brand and under the roof Sleeve by Khailo continue our way as a proportional fashion textile brand under the roof of the sulphur. Our goal is global. It will be step by step. Our idea is Turkey in the first place. Then, Britain, Germany, Australia and the other by time Reaching countries ... As Khailo Silver our aim is to put jewelry in every person's jewel setting which is caring and caring. Khailo defines herself with the following words: Aesthetic, sympathetic, innovative, energetic, independent, libertarian, bold, positive, dominating fashion trends, unusual, sophisticated, classic and diary Hosting, inspiring, visual appeal, impressive ... Khailo Silver's aesthetics and perceived quality silver design that complements the outstanding men and women clothing of people from all ages and descriptions, life reflects the style, enhances the elegance. The character and style owner is different from the innovative designs that match the developing values ?and always feel this difference. Personal definitions, self-confidence and strength give passion. Khailo designs are a message to the outside world. Khailo, with high satisfaction rates-thinking, quality jewellery with warranty, according to anatomy and durable, outstanding silver designs; a high level of compliance and relations with customers before and after sales service to the quality of your use of elegant packaging presents... Sleeve by Khailo our brand-proportional fashion textile products, we plan to meet with you as soon as possible.

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