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Matsuzaki Inc

Shinjuku, Japan |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Tsutomu & Noriko Matsuzaki have been creating artistic jewelry together for over 35 years in Tokyo. They are renowned for their fine quality pieces. They started a business as "MATSUZAKI CRAFT" in 1966, and established "MATSUZAKI Inc." in 1971. Tsutomu has personally established his own way of wax carving, which is full of delicacy. Through this, he continues to produce unique designs inspired by both music and nature. Noriko consistently seeks sophistication and luxury in her playful designs that span various directions. Though they have different characteristics in designing, their works show perfect harmony as expression of their mutual aesthetic senses. All of these MATSUZAKI collections are composed with "a technique of excellence", "an elegance of design" and "the finest materials", and are created in their Tokyo atelier.

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