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Silver Fantasy Inc.

Cupertino, United States |
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Silver Jewelry, Gemstones

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The concept of Silver Fantasy Inc. where you are at crossroads of quality and best prices, was conceived a decade ago in the Land of Maharajas. After successfully meeting requirements of customers both in international and domestic markets, Silver Fantasy was incorporated in heart of Silicon Valley. The meticulously hand crafted jewelry with wide range of precious and semi precious stones is set in 925 Sterling Sliver. Besides finished jewelry, Silver Fantasy also bring to Jewelry Designers a vied array of Chains, Beads, Connectors and Cut Stones made to custom order as well. Our Designers thrive in providing our customers with unique designs. Each and every piece is then meticulously hand crafted by our Artisans in our manufacturing facility. We derive pride and pleasure in meeting or exceeding expectations of our valued customers.We are confident that you will enjoy wearing our jewelry as much as we enjoy crafting it.

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