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Hung Fook Jade Limited

Hong Kong, Hong Kong |
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Nature Of Business :

Wholesaler, Retailer

Dealing In :

Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Hong Kong Hongfu Jade Co., Ltd. is Hong Kong and Macao media, the Hong Kong International Cultural Exchange Center is under the jurisdiction of the Jade Culture institutions to Jade culture and international cultural and artistic exchanges, watch and organize all kinds of works of art and painting exhibitions and exhibitions, and club exchanges and television Seminar Popularize the publicity activities to promote people to watch the emerald, jade appreciation and learning jade knowledge. Through the jade for the media, sincere friends, for the jade enthusiasts to provide services, identification, collection of guidance and reference opinions to the aesthetic concept of jade art, beauty service to carry out the exchange activities. The company also sells high-grade jade jewelry mainly business in Hong Kong and Macao, mainland China, second-tier cities, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other places. The company selected high-quality Burmese jade and South African diamonds as raw materials, fair prices, adhering to the purpose of the Friends of Tsui intention of every customer service. With the popularity of the market in recent years, Jade, the company developed rapidly and stable, much within and outside the industry praise, love and sought after.

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