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Chi Lih International Industrial Company Limited

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Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry

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Established in 1973 with long-standing commitment and dedication, Chii Lih Coral has evolved in the past 40 years from a small traditional coral processing factory and wholesaler in Kaohsiung to a world renowned jewelry enterprise. Our mission at Chii Lih is to promote to the world the most precious gemstone coral in Taiwan. One of the direct approaches would be to actively participate in international jewelry tradeshows all over the world. Jewelry fairs held in Hong Kong and Japan are the ones to be attended regularly on yearly basis. In addition, Chii Lih’s presence also covers other exhibitions in Asia, America and Europe. About 80% of world’s gemstone coral originates from Taiwan and Taiwan has long enjoyed a reputation of “Coral Kingdom” while Chii Lih is a recognized leading company in the gemstone coral industry. Granted an extraordinary honor, Chii Lih was invited to attend Expo 2010 Shanghai China and exhibited coral artistic carving in Taiwan pavilion. The precious and exquisite coral works of art, with rich humane atmosphere, not only astonished all visitors but made a sensation among international community, rendering people opportunities to appreciate such elegant treasures from Taiwan. In 2011, Chii Lih sponsored the establishment of Taitung Red Coral Baseball Team making contributions to the cultivation of baseball professionals. In 2013, launched the largest coral museum in Taitung with an aim to allow more people get to know gemstone coral, create more job openings and boost tourism.

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