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Riviere & Co Srl

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Riviere is the encounter of a river and a feather. The water, source of constant mutation; the peacock feather, echo of the myth of Phoenix, whose beauty defies the passing of time. The constant force, where everything flows, meets with the grace and the lightness of flight. It is the essence of creativity: knowledge, beauty, determination, opportunity and perpetual rebirth. Just as the clear purity of an undiscovered gem. Riviere originates in Italy, land of solid knowledge and ancient crafts, where our creations are fully realised. Riviere is an exciting new venture based on decades of experience, always aiming at the ideal equilibrium between innovation and craftsmanship, originality and the intrinsic value of jewellery. Riviere creations are the precious results into which three elements flow: Nature, Design and Craftsmanship elaborated by the continuous comparison with history and the goldsmith culture. A constant afterthought of the intrinsic nature of jewellery in its esthetic, practical and economic value. The Collections are divided into seven categories: A Regola d’Arte, a selection of unrepeatable and unique pieces; Savoir-faire, the pure and noble forms of Nature illuminated and embellished only a few know how to do; Allure, a synthesis of essentiality and chromatic perfection; Senza Tempo, timeless jewellery designed to add sparkle and elegance; Mandalay, sophistication and warmth from the best mines in the world; Savoir-vivre, modern, playful through its carefully selected bold colors; Myriad, basic, geometric items that create several shapes.

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