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Bodytecc Jewelry Factory Co Ltd

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A few words about us. BODYTECC is a German owned and managed Jewelry Factory that was established in 2007. The production plant and the management are located in Shenzhen, China. More than 100 employees, modern western machinery, highly educated engineers as well as an experienced international R&D-Team lead to an extraordinary value for money product assortment. BODYTECC concentrates on and STAINLESS STEEL FASHION JEWELRY and BODY PIERCING JEWELRY. Our clients from all over the world perceive us as a trustful and long-term oriented supplier that does both, a) a high diversity of made to order projects and b) very demanding multiple custom orders. Our slogan is: “We create your ideas.” This expresses literally that BODYTECC always wants to work on a close customer relationship in order to act as a consultant in terms of engineering, idea finding, design development, merchandising, service etc. Getting products and services from one source means for our clients that they buy everything from first hand at bottom prices. The reason behind this is simple. BODYTECC does everything in-house. It covers all departments under one roof such as Sales, R&D, Purchase, Innovation&Design, Setting, Finance, H&R, Warehouse, Sample, Drilling, Screw, Punching, Welding, CNC, Crystal, Glue and Epoxy. We even distinguish between a Machine Polishing department and a high-end Hand Polishing department to match individual requirements best. Additionally, we invest most resources in skilled employees who take care of Quality Control according to German standards. In the Body Piercing Category we work with certificated Surgical Steel 316 L, Certificated Grade 23 Titanium, high-end Acrylic and Silicone (see descriptions below). The Body Piercing Assortment covers a wide range of products such as Straight Barbell, Tongue Rings, Industrial Barbells, Bananabells, Eyebrow Rings, Navel Belly Rings, Dangling Navel Rings, Fashion Belly Buttons, BCRs (Captive Bead Rings), Segment Rings, Circular Barbells (Horseshoes), Spirals, Labret Piercings, Nose Studs, Flesh Tunnels, Plugs, Fake Piercings, Expanders, Tapers, Dermal Anchors, Nipple Shields, Ear Studs, Earrings, Pendants, Charms, Finger Rings, Bracelets and a lot of Body Jewelry Accessories. Sample development, closely together with our customers, is standard. It is absolutely understood that BODYTECC fulfills common international material, quality, health, and delivery requirements. Many certifications, as well as our own set of values, guarantee this. We are able to produce from low minimum orders to large scales. Furthermore, BODYTECC answers very flexibly to multifold requests for low to high price markets. Clients acknowledge our outstanding innovative competence in terms of design, material, marketing support, made to order ideas as well as production. BODYTECC is well known for its deep market know-how and technical expertise. We are always proud to exhibit on representative Jewelry Fairs in Europe, Asia, and the USA . Welcome to BODYTECC. We create your ideas.

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