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Flower Diamond Boutique Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore |
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Importer, Retailer

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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Established in 1996, Flower Diamond Boutique is Singapore’s very own luxury jewellery. Each Flower Diamond jewellery piece is confident, elegant and luxurious. A pioneer in contemporary jewellery trends, Flower Diamond presents precise workmanship and exquisite style with each piece. Guided by the balance between the simple and the avant-garde, each jewelled masterpiece is created to provide the wearer with confidence and luxury. Flower Diamond has become synonymous with sophistication and style as an established brand in Singapore. Worn by Bruneian and Malaysian Royalty as well as international celebrities like Mariah Carey, Hillary Swank, Flower Diamond has earned a reputation as a brand for women of discerning tastes. The curated collections each feature jewellery that marries the delicacy and strength of femininity. Every Flower Diamond piece creates elevated experiences and unforgettable memories for the wearer, bringing out the glamour and confidence in them.

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