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Jewel Decor Co. Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer

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Diamond Jewelry, Antique Jewelry

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Blue River Corporation Founded in 1975, Blue River Corporation has grown from a small family business to a pioneering leader among Asia's luxury manufacturers. For three decades its ongoing mission has been to provide its customers with the finest gemstones and jewellery in the world. Rising from the foundation of quality, value, service, and selection, the reputation of Blue River Corporation has become an industry benchmark both locally and internationally. Jewel Decor Since its establishment, Jewel Decor as one of the members of Blue River Corporation has provided high-quality classic and contemporary jewellery to fashionable customers around the world at prices always affordable. With more than 300 skilled in-house artisans, gemologists, and jewellery experts, the company's Bangkok production studio continually introduces stylish designs that celebrate the best of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Renowned for their dedication to value and service, the people of Jewel Decor have built a level of trust with wholesale and retail customers that remain the industry standard. Always with a firm finger on the pulse of the marketplace, the company's R& D team has created a unique jewelry-making process that expertly blends artistry, fashion, and practicality with the most advanced jewellery making techniques-ensuring perfection for each and every item. As global markets continue to expand, Jewel Decor has evolved and broken into important new markets in Europe, Asia, and North America. To fully serve this new international clientele, Jewel Decor actively participates in the world's largest gem and jewellery exhibitions, including Las Vegas's The JCK Show, and Italy's Vicenza Oro show. To view our 2011 exhibition schedules please click here.

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