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Onyx Diamonds Europe

Antwerp, Belgium |
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We keep fancy shapes and down in mm to help customers to creat layouts to Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces . Rounds we mostly supply 1/10 and down ( Melees ) in all qualities. The squares stones and Baguettes are supplied in sizes (mm) according to customer demand, and to the product limitation . Small orders are being shipped via secure FedEx system , so even if you are in a remote location the diamond will arrive within 24-48 hours. We exist and we buy our rough from leading dealers in the diamond industry. Onyx is focusing on delivering the product according to customer demand and creating an ongoing yearly supply to the customer , with the goal of becoming a regular supplier on a variety of products. Due to the change in the industry in the last few years , we are witnessing less and fewer manufacturers and regular suppliers of diamonds companies that will give fair services also to small and medium size orders. We try to fill the gap by proving size table to make it easier on the customer to calculate himself the specific order and then call us for fine tuning the order according to stock availability and budget recommendations. We able to recut goods and bring the product to the customer table quickly and according to customer demand.

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