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Bruma Srl Vanity Her Jewels

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Vanity Her is a line of HIGH costume fashion jewelry and accessories of Bruma, a well-established company, operating in domestic and international markets, with great organizational skills and reliability to ensure quality products. With its original and wide range of jewel collections, Vanity Her satisfies the taste of any kind of woman, whether they are girls or ladies, trendy, classic and refined. Designed for women who are always attentive to quality and beauty, eager to wear creations that enhance them and make them feel at ease. The dynamic contrast of lights, shapes and colors of Vanity Her creations gives you a boost of energy and always positive vibrations. Our creative staff, entirely made up of women addressing their work to a female market, is under the careful guidance of the Vecchi sisters, Miriam and Elisa. A staff led by a great passion for their job, always attentive to the latest trends, upcoming revolutions, market signals and to the taste of women. A team who focuses on the quality of their products, without renouncing beauty. The different components, Semi-precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals, Indian Turquoises, Venetian Glasses, River Rocks, are carefully selected by Miriam and Elisa. Their choices are guided not only by experience, but also by aesthetic sense, sensitivity and capacity to get excited in front of every piece. Our necklaces and bracelets combinations are basically unlimited, really imaginative and original. Each creation is hand-assembled in a traditional way. Tradition and modernity are blend together to create a unique and unmistakable product. Vanity Her does not only designs jewelry and bijoux, but also accessories such as purses and wallets, entirely made in Italy and designed in conjunction with our costume jewelry collection, aiming to enhance your style and personality, in order to make you feel always fashion

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