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Sisom Logistics Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Importer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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We - a friendly team of professionals, with many years of experience in the wholesale jewellery purchases in Russia and in Thailand, China and Hong Kong. During the years of direct work in Thailand, we were able to study the market thoroughly. We are constantly working on how to help you, our business partners, optimise the jewellery buying process in Asia. We keep in constant contact with many factories in Thailand and China and are always up to date in the jewellery market. Catherine Sukovatykh Our fearless leader, The Big Boss ... what would you have her or asked Katya knows everything and everyone. It is easy to speak almost any language and works in the market of export and import of jewellery since 2006 in Russia, Thailand and China. During this time, she could easily fall into the black list of Green Peace - having spent so much paper to be bound bureaucracy invoices, specifications and contracts. Olga Fedorova The heart of the company. Studies have shown that in addition to Olga feat to manage the company to make no one can. Olga works in the retail and wholesale jewellery trade and import in the Far East, Yakutia and Bangkok since 2004. Nooch Dzhaynet Very modest and shy, but able-bodied and incredibly hard-working - that, as you say, any foreigner who lives here - extremely rare! Nong Dzhaynet Drink a delicious tea, treat overseas fruit, warm smile taiko smile - all Nong knows like no other. And this, of course, in addition to the wonderful working qualities, with which our team have all, without exception.

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