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Sirinapa Diamond Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Showroom, Manufacturer

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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Sirinapa Diamond originally established since 1991 by the administration of Khun Sirinapa Sawanglum (Managing Director) the former Miss Asia Pacific 1978. She completed her Bachelor Degree of Business Administration and Gemological Science from Asia Institute of Gemological Science (AIGS) and received the Accredited Gemologist (AG) Certificate. Sirinapa Diamond has been trusted by several people since 22 years ago from famous VIPs such as businessman, celebrity people and foreigners. By its specific design differ from the jewelry shop in general, with varieties of the product such as diamond, gems, pearl and varieties of jewellery. Sirinapa Diamond has continuously trusted by the customer through the popularity of product quality and price. Which acceptable as the leading diamond shop in Thailand. The jewellery is under the name “Sirinapa” with delicate and meticulously design. Starting from the design made by expertise and skilled with experience to select the diamond and jewel of good quality, inscribed with diamond and gems on all jewellery of exotic that shine at every angle. Sirinapa Diamond originates the development and new renovation for Thai jewellery so called as "Faceted Pearls" The and skilled of Thai expertise of the South Sea Pearl. With splendour beauty of more than 300 facets of gem to each design blend with diamond and gems. To make the ornaments exotic and outstanding than any other ornaments in general. Sirinapa Diamond also provide the suggestion of how to buy ornaments, diamond and jewellery by trained and experienced staffs. Every staff are ready to make you satisfied with warm and friendly service, with services to design according to the demand of the customer. Also provide services after sales, cleanse, plating, repair the ornaments without charge to all customers.

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