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ATMS group Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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ATMS GROUP CO., LTD is the Jewellery design & manufactory company which established in 2007. We are specialised to create the unique Jewellery with outstanding design by the high standard of quality, superior craftsmanship and competitive prices. Besides of quality we are also realised that fashion is changed every day as well as customer’s desires, therefore, we never stop to create a new design to ensure that customer’s satisfaction has been met. This is the reason why we have many collections to match with different client’s requirement. ATMS GROUP CO., LTD has well developed & manufactured at our own factory where completed line of production has. Since we never compromise on the quality, therefore, every step i.e. Casting, Filing, Barreling, Setting, Polishing, etc will be strictly controlled by our high experienced QC & QA team to ensure that every piece of our product is perfect before arrived clients’ hands.

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