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MT Jewelry

Bandung, Indonesia |
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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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MT Jewelry is the best gold jewellery manufacturer and trusted in Indonesia. Starting from a jewellery store founded in 1958 in Bandung, MT jewellery developed into a gold jewellery manufacturer with modern facilities and advanced technology to produce a wide range of gold jewellery products such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. With professional designers and goldsmiths ranks of skilled and dedicated, MT jewellery capable of producing high-quality gold jewellery in accordance with market demand at home and abroad. MT Jewelry continues to innovate and maintain quality as a commitment to customers to provide the best jewellery products with reliable gold content. Mission MT Jewelry is a progressive company, reliable, creative, innovative, caring for the welfare of employees, concerned about energy and the environment. MT Jewelry is committed to producing the best quality jewellery for esteemed customers by providing the best service. MT Jewelry is a trademark that is reliable. vision MT Jewelry vision is to become a "trendsetter" in Indonesia. MT Jewelry is committed to excellence in all aspects of the company and prepare resources for global expansion in 2017.

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