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Peter Burger Jewellery

Heidelberg, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Goldsmith Master comes from a traditional goldsmith family. He began his training in the father's workshop, he passed his master's examination at the Goldschmiedschule. Various awards at the German Jewelry and Gemstone Award Idar Oberstein, membership in the Verband Kunsthandwerk and Design eV. And his trade fair presence. Softly structured, almost materially soft surfaces and sweeping lines are characteristic of St. Petersburg jewelery. His pieces are calm and powerful at the same time. Inlays of various precious metals show lively images. They tell stories like a journey. Its natural presence is achieved through the combination of selected materials, a restrained form language and a perfect technique. This is how jewelry is created for the woman of today - in the middle of life.

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