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R.B.G. Co Ltd

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Craftsman, Manufacturer

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Diamond Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry

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Thank you for your interest in the rainbow sapphire collection®. Our company is proud to be known as the world’s finest gemstone and jewelry houses, recognized for our trend-setting designs in rainbow sapphire jewelry. We are equally proud of our commitment to creating eco-friendly fine jewelry. We source our diamonds and gemstones from conflict-free areas; use recycled gold in every jewelry piece; and closely adhere to fair labor standards, providing social welfare benefits to all of our workers. The original rainbow sapphire jewelry manufacturer, our rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, and necklaces, are sold exclusively by leading retailers throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our three popular collections are Intense, Pastel, and Eden Engraved. Each piece is crafted in rich 14K gold and available also as special orders in platinum, 18K, and white gold. Our sapphires are sourced directly from leading gem mines in exotic countries such as Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, and Vietnam, as well as Yogo Gulch, Montana. Each stone is individually selected for its vibrant color and clarity, then precision cut and polished by our in-house lapidary artisans to achieve maximum radiance and beauty. The sapphire itself has long enraptured the world with its mystique. In ancient times, tribal peoples believed that the world was but a giant blue sapphire with the earth at its heart. Today, the gemstone is seen as a traditional symbol for such enduring human traits as friendship, sympathy, and loyalty. It is that enchanting history that inspires us at here at the rainbow sapphire collection ®. For we see sapphires as more than just gorgeous gemstones, but as a precious remembrance of the interconnected modern world we love, play, and live in today.

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