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Saint-Martin-de-Valamas, France |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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THE ORIGINS In the heart of the Marais, in Paris in 1905, Marius Legros decided to create the company ML and installs its premises at 62 rue, Charlot. In 1912, he opened his jewellery factory in Saint-Martin-de-Valamas in the Ardeche valley. A few years later, his brother Georges Legros, creates GL jewellery in the neighbouring town of Cheylard. Located in the heart of France’s ‘jewelry valley’, Altesse group is recognised for the impeccable quality of its gold, silver and gold-plated jewellery. The workshops employ over 250 craftsmen – true artists dedicated to the manufacture of fine jewellery, applying skills and outstanding craftsmanship handed down from father to son through three generations. Renowned for the quality of its products and services and recognised as part of France’s national heritage, Altesse group has been awarded both the ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ and the ‘Joaillerie de France’ labels. The group supplies France’s leading luxury goods companies and markets branded jewellery in over 60 countries for Kenzo, Nina Ricci and Daniel Hecheter under global licensing agreements, in addition to its own brands: Altesse, GL Paris and Les Georgettes™. BIRTH HOUSE OF HIGHNESS For over 50 years, the two companies Legros brothers will grow to become the leading French gold plated jewelry, silver and gold 375 thousandths. In 1969, Marius creates Highness brand and it is in 1998 that the family 2 competitors eventually merge to create the GL Group. FRENCH MADE Today, the House Highness is the leading provider of jewellers and watchmakers. First major French manufacturer, the GL Group has received the label of "Living Heritage Company" and "Joaillerie de France". At the heart of the "jewel of the valley", the workshops of the House Highness employ 250 workers, real artists passionate about the taste of the "beautiful work" mastering knowledge transmitted exceptional from father to son for more than a century. A TRUSTED PARTNER Renowned for the impeccable quality of its products and services, the House Highness provides the largest houses of Luxury, and manufactures and markets, under global licenses, Kenzo brands, Nina Ricci and Inès de la Fressange and its brands own Highness, GL and XC38 Paris in France in over 60 countries worldwide.

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